Is A Business Website Enough?

I am always pursuing ways to learn about current trends. I recently made a discovery during a graduate class that I have been approaching my consumers in a fragmented format. Are you missing consumer sales for the same reason?

Consumers no longer just want to see a website with photos, or a random instagram or facebook post. They want to feel connected to the brands that they purchase. It should have been obvious to me and my other fellow business owners. In this new age of technology it is critical to gauge growing trends.

Sure I have a blog connected to my website. I post content on facebook and instagram on a regular basis. I am now realizing that to increase my sales that I need to connect more to my potential future customers. They have to feel like they know my brand personally and can connect with me twenty four hours a day. Accessibility without giving too much of yourself away is the new balancing act.

After reflecting on the knowledge gained in my class this week I will start connecting with you in more ways. Perhaps I may start a digital video on my website at some point within the coming weeks.

In my pursuit of knowledge this week, I visited the various websites of businesses that I normally purchase from on a regular basis. They were missing out too. Their websites were standard and sadly old school. They featured the company logo, listed products, prices and descriptions. What I didn’t observe was digital streaming or evidence of telling their corporate story. In today’s business world it is all about understanding how and who you are connecting to. Don’t make assumptions about marketing demographics that once held true. During the discussion period of my graduate class the professor made a point that resonated with me. He explained that everyone who has access to digital media and streaming are becoming educated in ways once only available to the elite. That is excellent news for cutting edge websites that know how to tell their story and connect with consumers.


Selfie Anxiety For The Middle Aged

bM2HpuaTTLOTYNOw2NlA2AOk, I am going to be honest and reveal that I am pushing 50. Having my photo snapped prior to 40 was a breeze. My biggest concern was whether both of my eyes were open or whether there was a hair out of place.

Fast forward to the over 45 age bracket. Although I feel that I have aged better than some of the people I knew from high school, there is still overwhelming anxiety about getting a selfie just right. Does my chin look big? Are the crows feet starting to do their big reveal?

I am not sure why I am even worried. Everyone in my inner circle knows my approximate age. It is expected that everyone will age. I am not into trying to attract a younger mate, but if one came along great. I am confident and I feel good about my life’s journey so far. So why is there this ritual that I go through to take just the right selfie? What would happen if I looked older? Am I afraid that I would be less accepted? The answer is “No, age is your frame of mind”. I am going back to graduate school this spring while working full time. I keep getting asked “Why? Aren’t you going to be old enough to retire in a few years?”. My reply is simple, “Yes, but I will not be retiring. I will be switching careers and keeping myself accomplished and up to date on the latest trends”.

Then it hit me, I go through the selfie ritual because I like to look and feel good. It reminds me of my 20 year old self and a time when I was just as self conscious. Some things never change.


When A Significant Other Doesn’t Gift

How should one react when yet another holiday goes by without acknowledgement from your significant other? Birthdays, anniversaries and other significant days without a gift received. In anticipation of this reoccuring behavior your holidays are constantly ruined. I have read articles with people trying to desperately trying to justify their partner’s behavior. “Well, they take out the trash and smile at me every morning”. It also depends on the circumstances. If someone has been out of work for a year, of course they are unable to contribute in this manner. Rather, I am talking about gainfully employed individuals who eagerly rip open the presents given to them like a child on Christmas morning¬†. However they become non-participants in return.

One woman settled on a spouse who never gave her any gifts. She justified it and accepted it. He wouldn’t even put effort into buying holiday gifts for his children. She would go out and purchase Christmas gifts. He would drop the unwrapped gifts under the tree. She would get up extra early and wrap the gifts knowing that he wouldn’t even attempt to help her. She began to resent him and vowed that this would be the last year that this would ever happen to her.

It isn’t about the cost of a gift, or getting it right. It is about demonstrating that you are putting some effort into the relationship. There is nothing worst than friends inquiring about what you received for this or that special day and having to reply, “Nothing”.

How would honestly react if you were in this situation?

My Quest For A Stress Free Life

During the holidays there always seems to be extra stress put on me. I found myself this morning exploring the internet on topics such as yoga classes to “Do crystals even work?”. I consider myself to be a spiritual person and believe that faith is key to avoid stress.

How many of us read a magazine or even book on Feng Shui? Confession, me. I found myself donating unused items to charity and shoving furniture from one side of the house to another. I placed plants in all of the suggested places and even painted wall colors.

Then it all came flooding back to me. My Grandmother lived to be 98. I was fortunate enough to live with her until I left college. She shared with me that everything in life in your life starts in your mind. If you believe something is going to be easy for you it will be as expected. If you believe that your life is horrible and keep posting about it on social media or complaining to friends it will be exactly as described.

I have decided to take her advice this post Thanksgiving Sunday! Please feel free to take my Grandmother’s advice too.


Holiday Art

I love decorating for the holidays. I always include switching out some art pieces for fall and winter themes.  It adds a nice touch for celebrations with family and friends.

Please comment below and share what types of art are of interest to you. Do you like sculpture, paintings or prints?



Julie Jay Dawson Blog

My painting will be complete today of Frida. I had visions of my friends sobbing discussing their failed relationships. “Only Their Names Change”, is the phrase captioned at the top of my painting. What makes a relationship work? For some it is the chase and constant upset that keeps them coming back. For others, we ponder why we can’t just be ourselves and not have to deal with the drama.


The Art Of Home Staging

Over the years I have had clients and friends describe their frustration with not being able to sell their property. Try renting pieces of art for more upscale properties. The finishing touches seal the deal. Additionally, buyers usually avoid outlandish colors. In their eyes it is another project to complete. You don’t want to loose a sale based on this rather easy fix. Houses without character sit on the market as well. It might be a mansion, but if it makes the buyer feel sterile they will look elsewhere. Sometimes live plants add a feeling of warmth. Take a look around your property and try to see it from a potential buyer’s perspective.