Purses and Attracting Wealth

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Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Out of curiosity this morning I started cruising the internet looking for articles about attracting wealth.

The first article that I stumbled upon was about the color of a purse. Apparently there is a whole slew of information about which colors are considered “lucky”. I have to admit unwittingly that I have selected colors based on what I felt would bring me fortune. I usually pick out metallic gold, black or tan. Although the color red is supposed to be auspicious, I subconsciously think that it represents money being “burned” through quickly.

There are also numerous articles dotting the web about not letting your purse hit the floor or its all over. Could this be true? I think back on my college days. I would stumble in after 2am and randomly toss my purse before crashing for the night. Was I subconsciously setting myself up?

I was watching a news blurb this morning about how the inside of your purse reveals your financial state. An untidy purse meant that your finances were in trouble. My purse has frequently been a mess with receipts because I am extremely busy and having time to organize anything is nearly impossible. I literally crash after the day is done. Maybe it is true. My friends have more time to relax, but I have a compulsion to do as much as I can because I want life well lived. If you are idle and don’t have some sort of gig going on life is wasted from my perspective.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that there is truth to this phenomenon of ritualizing the purse and its daily use?

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