Attracting Others To Your Story

A few weeks ago I stood across from a broken man. He had a story that could have made him a wealthy man, but chose not to utilize the knowledge given to him by the expert. Instead he wanted to keep things status quo. “I will just do what I have been doing” he said. My theory is that he needed to try another strategy or two.

So what draws us into a good story? We all have that one friend who can send us into a fit of hysterics while they spin their version of events. We can’t get enough of their company. Imagine if that excitement could be harnessed where you work? What if your coworkers could learn the craft of storytelling and make the most mundane topics seem exciting?

I once watched a guest speaker go up to the podium and after ten minutes of rather boring dialog she groaned out, “I am so bored right now”. Everyone in the room started to giggle. She had our attention, then she presented in faster paced way that grabbed everyone’s attention. Telling your story doesn’t have to be boring. First you need to learn about story structure and the elements of literature. Then decide the point of view. Is it a story about man v nature, man v society, or man v man? What is the “conflict”? How did you overcome that conflict? Or how do you plan to overcome the conflict in the future? What descriptive words are you using?  Stop and think about those people who have captured your attention in the past. Companies succeed when they can get the attention of their targeted audience.

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