My CRM Experience

Based on my experiences with WordPress, I would have to admit that I was intimidated about utilizing their services at first. I didn’t have a great deal of experience adding plugins, but desperately needed them to keep track of content in today’s fast paced market. The cons that I found working with WordPress were the costs associated with the plugins. I use it primarily for blogging, but seeing it developing into more enterprise use in the future. However, some of their competitors are already offering some of the same services in all inclusive packages. In some cases those all inclusive packages cost more…so beware. Business owners want to find content easier and be able to find customer emails or profiles quickly. Time is money. As a business owner if you are spending ten minutes finding a previous email that is time not spent with another potential customer.

I myself tend to follow blog posts that are focused on finding inner peace. I follow Deepak Chopra. I also frequent the wesbite’s online store. First of all, I like the landing page because it has photos and depicts important information about upcoming events or app updates. The website also features call to action buttons that quickly help navigate the user to the the content of their choice. The framing of the website’s content flows well on both a smartphone or a desktop computer.

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