Not Washed Up

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I grew up living with my grandmother. She was 60 years older than me and died at the age of 98. Most of my views about life were instilled by her at a young age. She lived during the depression and rarely splurged on anything unless it was necessary. As a teenager from a different time period I would ask her why we couldn’t buy new furniture, new clothes or something else new. She would simply reply that it wasn’t a necessity. She always paid cash for everything. A good lesson for everyone. She also taught me that life is ALL about your frame of mind. If you want to be young then think young. If you want to be rich then think rich. Some of her grandchildren never took the time to know this amazing woman. However, they found the time to clear out anything of monetary value towards the end of her life. I am not one to mince words. May karma bite them in the ass…

However, I ended up with the most valued treasure in all of her collection. She taught me how to live life. Most people don’t get it. If you want to live a life with less issues then your frame of mind must align with it. She faced possible death at the age of 91 due to an aneurysm in her stomach, so I found her one of the best surgeons in the country. Just prior to surgery she looked at me and said, “There is nothing to it. See you in a couple of hours.” Even the surgeon was more skeptical than her. A few hours later she was in recovery and lived seven more years. There was only one time that I recalled her fearing death. I was about 17 years old. I saw her lying down in bed crying. I asked her what was wrong. She replied, “I don’t want to die”. Utilizing my teenage maturity I said, “Esther! We will have none of that. Get up and knock it off!”.  Thankfully it worked. She sat up and exclaimed, “You are right! What am I doing?”  She lived 22 years past that day. Suppose if I let her stay in that bed and wallow in pity? One day would have led to the next and she would have died much sooner.

I am disgusted when I hear people in my age demographic or older acting as if they are ready to curl up in a coffin. In my mind you are not old or washed up unless you want to claim it. I see people in their late 30s and 40s complaining about their health. They post about this ailment, being dumped or how crappy life is treating them. Do you expect it to to get better? How can you expect people to revere your knowledge when you go about acting like life is over? Why would anyone listen to you? Stop ruining the reputation of my age demographic please. We are vibrant, technologically advanced, caring and  changing the path for those that follow in our footsteps.

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